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1. What about the Account & Bank info. Why Should I fill them?

    These information will help you to perform Cash-Out operations, and helps our team to transfer your money straight into your bank account.
    The Account & Bank info are optional fields.

2. What is the minimum deposit I can make?

    2,000 Naira.

3. How can I make deposits?

Payment by PAYSTACK on our website remains the fastest and most convenient way to fund your staking account.
But if you must pay into our accounts, You are advised to PAY into only:

GTBank - Guaranty Trust Bank Plc. (Naira Account)
Account Name - Mars Online Limited
Account Number - 0041 454 496.

Account Name - Mars Leisure Limited
Account Number - 2048 297 824.

Zenith Bank Plc. (Naira Account)
Account Name - Mars Leisure Limited
Account Number - 1011 225 275.

  1. If you are making direct cash deposits, ensure you Write your USERNAME as depositor

  2. If you are making transfers, ensure you fit your username in the remarks, description space, depending on the bank.

    YOU ARE EXPECTED TO SEND DEPOSIT DETAILS AS TEXT TO 0708 557 5452 or+4475 2066 0088, using the format below:
      - Username:
      - Amount :
      - Date :
      - Bank :

    1. If you deposit cash, Just the bank name and teller ID cash

    2. If by Mobile transfer, Your Bank (XXXX...XXX) and Mars Bank

4. How long does a deposit take before it reflects in my Staking account?

    Under certain circumstances we may need to wait for funds to clear before Staking Accounts can be CREDITED.
    IT will take a maximum of 3 working days.

5. Reversed or Unsubstantiated Deposits:

    Mars reserves the right to suspend and/or close a staking account, and/or void any coupon staked under such a staking account, including winning coupons, where it is established that the money credited to such a staking account and used for staking, was credited in error or had been reversed through a bank transaction.

6. How can I withdraw my winnings?

  1. Returns due on coupons staked on the Mars Leisure site account will be added to your current deposit balance once the coupon has been settled. This balance will remain in your Mars Leisure site account unless :

    • You submit an online request for a withdrawal to your personal bank account. Details of the withdrawal option can be found on the "My Account" page.

    • You make a withdrawal request through your registered GSM. Call +2348035597595 on how to do this.

  2. Payments into Mars Leisure Betting accounts are meant to be used for staking. Withdrawals, therefore are expected to be made from money accumulated from winnings on coupons, not DEPOSITED MONEY. Mars Leisure Limited, as a non-banking company, does not offer fund depositing and withdrawal services.

  3. The winning of a user, can be spread over a period of at least 4 weeks, if it exceeds the maximum limit in the overall winning ratio for the week in question.

  4. Withdrawal of winning is allowed ONLY once in a week. This can be made from immediately after deposit balances have been credited with winnings up to midnight on Tuesdays.


    The minimum amount withdrawable is N5,000. A 1% charge or minimum of N400 is imposed on each withdrawal.

8. Must I log in before I use the Marsleisure website?

    Yes, using Username & password chosen when you registered.
    If you don't have username and Password, you must register with our website.

9. How old must I be to use this site?

    To bet on this website you must be at least 21 years old.

10. Can I open more than one account?

    Mars Leisure allows you to open only one account per person. The use of identical e-mail addresses in various Mars Leisure accounts is prohibited. Should Stakers/customers open additional accounts either in their own name or in the name of another person, Mars Leisure has authority to close those accounts, to cancel any transactions carried out or bets placed and call in any free money credited.

11. Can I cancel my Staked Coupon?

      No. Once it has been confirmed, you cannot cancel a STAKED COUPON. Please check your STAKE details carefully before submitting your stakes to us.

12. What will I do if I forget my username & Password?

    Go to login Page & press forgot my password ! Then enter your Email Address to receive your login details.

13. If I have any problem using the site what do I do?

      Get in touch with us through info@marsleisure.com

14. What is the difference between the local time and Marsleisure website time?

      The Marsleisure website time is GMT+0; this means that the Greenwich Meridian Time (GMT) is 0 hour ahead of our website time.

15. What is the security for my personal information that I submit to the website?

      All the information you enter while filling any form on this site shall be kept strictly confidential.

Mars Leisure will take all technologically and financially reasonable actions to protect the user information saved by Mars Leisure, but will not be liable if third parties obtain control of, or process, user information despite such action being taken.

16. Will my winnings be publicised?

      No. If however we need to publicise any winnings we shall always seek your consent.

17. Can my friends Stake through me?

      Yes. But you remain the only person recognised by us.
Mars Leisure will not be liable for any abuse of the betting account through the use of the staker's/customer's username and password by third parties. We expressly state that the username and the password must be kept secret and confidential as all transactions via the account for which the username and password must be entered will be for the account of the staker/customer.

      The username and password should never be disclosed to third parties. It is the staker's/customer's sole responsibility to keep his/her username and password secure. The staker/customer cannot make any claims whatsoever from a third party unlawfully placing bets by using his/her password and username.

18. Can I play with early kickoff numbers ?

      Yes you can. We pay with every match that will be played after our closing time for the particular match.


      We are bound by International Pools Standards for TC DECLARATIONS, which, in addition to some other factors, are mainly determined by:

      1. WEEKS OF JACKPORT RESULT: : In such weeks, results don't usually follow forms or predictions. This is usually the week of SHOCK RESULTS. In such weeks, DECLARATIONS ARE HIGH TO COMPENSATE stakers for their abilities in accurately predicting such difficult results. The jackpot could be for draw result, the home matches or away matches as the case may be. Jackpot weeks may not necessarily come in weeks of short draws. A week of 14 draws could be a jackpot week and a week of 6 draws may not be a jackpot week. Therefore if we declare 120 to 1 for our GND in a jackpot week of 12 draws, we may not declare even 60 to 1 in a week of 6 draws that is not a jackpot week. Our highest declarations are made in jackpot weeks.

      2. WEEKS OF LOW DIVIDEND FORECAST: These are weeks, when fixtures on coupons are easily predicted. Virtually, all coupons staked in such weeks, are winning coupons. Declarations in such weeks are usually not high. But whatever we declare in such weeks, no matter how low, other promoters find hard to equal. From available statistics, weeks of low dividend forecast are often weeks with draws, homes or away glut on coupon. But even in such weeks, we make stakers happy, because you hardly can beat our declarations in such weeks.

      The principle of declaration for our GND (General Draw) & SCD (Score Draw) coupons apply to our HOME & AWAY coupons.

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